A Destination Boudoir Experience: Utah Salt Flats

We are so excited to announce our Destination Boudoir Experience with Tara Reiners Boudoir in the Utah Salt Flats! This is going to be one epic trip. If you didn’t get a chance to catch all the details on our Facebook page, we want to make sure you can get it all here on the blog. We don’t want to make a short post long, so we have all the details laid out for ya easy peasy.

What’s Included:

Round Trip Flight from Billings to Wendover (and back of course) w/a checked bag

Private Room for 3 amazing nights at a Luxury Resort

A Group Dinner

Shoot on the Salt Flats with Professional Hair and Makeup

Transportation to and from your shoot

Your Choice of a 20 Image Luxury Album or Digital Images

Spa Service: Body Wrap or Aromatherapy Massage

When: September 3rd-6th

So here’s the dealio, a shoot in our studio with a 20 image Luxury album is $1500. If you reserve your seat by March 15th, you can snag our early bird rate of $2300. Yes, everything above for only $2300. You might be asking? “So for only $800 you get a destination session with a luxury album and a trip?!” That’s right! After March 15th, this once-in-a-lifetime destination boudoir experience will increase to $2600. We are only offering 6 seats for this experience on a first come, first serve basis. Once they are reserved, that’s it. Reserve your seat now: http://tarareinersphotography.bigcartel.com/

Destination Boudoir Experience with Tara Reiners Boudoir


Q: Can I bring my partner?

A: Absolutely! We will be posting the exact cost for your partner to add on airfare when the dates are released this May. Seats are based on availability- so we suggest if you are considering it to plan accordingly. We will be purchasing the seats the moment the date opens as they sell out quickly!

Q: Can I make payments?

A: Of course! We will break down the trip into 6 payments with the first occurring in March (this will lock you into the early bird pricing as well)

Q: What if I want to pay it in chunks?

A: We can do that- we require that 50% of the trip is paid for by May 1st so that the airfare and hotel can be purchased the date that it is made available.

Q: What if I decide I can’t make it?

A: We totally get that life happens! Unfortunately due to the nature of airfare being included, we are unable to refund any payments that have been made. Pricing has been determined on special group rates and airfare will not be transferable, so we have to stick to this one.

Q: Who will be booking our tickets?

A: We will be booking our tickets and hotel rooms at one time. Doing so was able to provide a fabulous group rate allowing you to stay in an amazing location in Wendover. We will be sending out a questionnaire to gather all of your information in advance of airline tickets and reservations.

Q: I’m ready to secure my seat! Where do I go to book?

A: Awesome! We are so excited! Head here to secure your seat: http://tarareinersphotography.bigcartel.com/

If we missed something, please let us know! We can’t to take this Audaciously Feminine Journey with you!!!

Tara, XOXO

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Know Your Worth – A Boudoir Photographer’s Journey to Self Acceptance

Can you believe that 2017 is just days away?! I feel like 2016 was such a whirlwind in my personal life and in our Boudoir Studio. We were busier than I could ever imagine and while I might have felt like I was grasping at straws at times, it made me grow and learn new ways of getting “shit done.” It also brought a lot of falling flat on my face, but hell, we can’t grow without stumbling right?

In my last post, which you can find here, I talked a lot about my constant issue with apologizing, FOR EVERYTHING. I had to really internalize why that is, and quite frankly it comes down to the view of my worth, my self-value, and my constant need to determine that value based on what other’s perceptions of me are. If that sounds familiar, you might want to read on.

As 2017 approaches, most of us start to feel a bit of panic/determination. It comes with thoughts of “Shit! I didn’t accomplish this” and “Dammit, this is my year and xyz is really going to happen this time.” I begin creating my vision boards, evaluating what I did not accomplish, and determining what I will accomplish this year as a business owner and in my personal life.

To be honest, my goals often revolve around business, my kids, and my relationship with my husband. Rarely do I make goals that revolve around myself directly. Quite honestly, I feel selfish thinking about myself. I mean, to the extent that I don’t purchase myself a new pair of shoes when I frankly need them. I have taken the role of Mother, Wife, Teacher, and Business Owner on to such an extent, the “me” just doesn’t exist anymore. All of the roles take complete priority in my energy and financially. If your head is nodding yes with me as you read this. Stop it. Wait. Keep nodding your head in agreement, but stop losing yourself completely.

This year 2017 is being turned on its head. Instead of just creating dream boards, lists, and goals, I am using this book to stop planning without purpose, and instead accomplish my dreams in a way that makes me feel good. Me, my, and myself, is moving to the top of the list. Now, there are things I LOVE. I hold back from indulging in them because I feel financially guilty for doing so (remember I don’t even buy shoes for myself when I need them).

When you are constantly giving to others, you eventually just run out and there is nothing to give. So I am giving myself freedom to give to myself WITHOUT guilt. That shit is hard to do! Guilt is a jerk that quite honestly steals your happiness. Through self-reflection I have realized that I can’t be the best of me in all those roles without actually giving back to me (massages included).

So how do I get around the guilt of spending on me? I do it wisely. I might have done a little math and realized that the $5 I spend a day on a latte adds up to a lot of money each month, and while I don’t want to discontinue them completely, I could probably minimize them to once a week, and put the rest toward the things I really want to do for myself to feel recharged this 2017. I challenge you to participate in the exercise below. I have listed my process here as an example. Plus you totally get to see my personal goals for this year:

  1. Travel to my favorite Boudoir Photographer at the end 2017 to experience my own boudoir shoot.
  2. Workout 3 days a week- this releases the good stuff so I feel better mentally and physically- be gone depression.
  3. Read one book a month with my favorite cup of tea in hand.
  4. Once a month, purchase an apparel item or a spa service, and do it without guilt- I work my butt off and deserve it- keep saying this mantra over and over!

So how will I accomplish these goals? First, by establishing that I am worth more than the $$ I spend on my daily latte purchase. Second, scheduling my time.

How will I put them in motion? I am scheduling my boudoir shoot ASAP! This makes me accountable, and it tells the universe that this year I am putting value in myself. The more I put those actions out to the universe, the more it will come back to me. Also, creating my boudoir vision board. Third, (already did this one) purchasing a detailed planner and scheduling all of my time out- and I mean all of it. Finally, I created a budget, yes a budget, just for me. Again, this means I am not having a daily latte because I know that the value I will gain from a boudoir experience and the process I will go through to get to that shoot will bring me much more satisfaction and self-worth than my daily latte.

Now it’s your turn! Drop the guilt! Determine goals and a vision for yourself that increase your self worth and make you feel empowered! If you are ready to take the Boudoir Experience challenge with me, we encourage you to book your shoot today! We have created an amazing offer for our clients that accept and book before January 1st (it also locks in our 2016 pricing before it increases January 1st). We have made the budgeting piece easy peasy! Choose your product and let our monthly automated billing system do the rest so you have nothing to worry about the day of your shoot- your investment into yourself has already been made and you can just focus on you!

Click the “Contact Link” to get started! I can’t wait to begin this “Me” journey with you this 2017!

You Are Worth More Than You Think


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Two Little Words – A Boudoir Photographer’s Tell All

There are two little words…well one is a contraction, but that’s a grammar lesson for another day, that women say all the time. We rarely notice their frequency or the long term consequences of how often they are said, but they are so impactful. I have to digress for just a moment and tell you a little story that will bring us full circle, so bear with me for just a moment. Last week I went to Fudruckers to purchase dinner for my family. I had a client coming to the house to pick up her products and I was in quite the rush…I used these words at least 7 times in my two minute interaction with young, high school-aged cashier. She replied it’s fine so many times I think she became annoyed. I noticed this and wondered why I used those two little words so many times in such a short amount of time. The following morning, I headed to Starbucks for my favorite Bacon Gouda Breakfast Sandwich and Grande Flat White Latte. As I approached the the drive-thru window, I struggled to get out my handy dandy app to complete my purchase. This AMAZING woman opened the window with a cheerful good morning, and I did it again. I said,”I’m sorry I just have to load more money quick.” This wonderful woman looked and me and said, “Don’t be sorry! I think as women we say sorry way to often. We just need to let it all hang out and quit apologizing for everything!” She said this with such conviction and wonderful enthusiasm that I just laughed, agreed, and pulled away to begin my day. Her words have stayed with me. I thought a lot about why I, as a female, find myself using those little words so very frequently. I believe my wonderful message carrier at Starbucks was so right…we need to stop saying “I’m Sorry.” An apology is an ownership of a mistake, a wrong that you are trying to right. Why do we take so much ownership in mistakes? Are they truly all ours to own? Or is it because we don’t feel good enough to truly feel ok with the decisions we are making and need someone to say “it’s okay.” I think it is possibly all of those things. Think about it for just a moment. Do you hear men apologizing 2,3, or more times in a conversation? In all honesty, I don’t think I have ever heard it occurring more than once to a cashier, for example. I am very vocally a feminist; always demanding equality, equal pay, and equal respect, and yet, I don’t value myself enough to demonstrate what I so request the opposite sex provide to me.

And the AHA! Moment occurs. It comes down to self-value and self-acceptance. It’s hard shit to do! Just because I encourage you to love yourself on a constant basis doesn’t mean I don’t struggle with it myself (we totally keep it real around here if you haven’t noticed yet). We as women are a constant work in progress. So why the ramble? Because this is quite honestly a bit cathartic for me…having an English degree means writing is your springboard…for everything, and secondly because I want to challenge you to challenge yourself. Take a moment to think about how often you apologize each day, what drives your apologies, what do you need to change to quit feeling what drives your apologies. I challenge you to do the following with me:

  1. Minimize your apologies- is it worth ownership or guilt?
  2. Assess yourself self-value. Where are you on a scale of 1-10?
  3. Switch gears. Give yourself one positive affirmation each day.
  4. Identify with YOU- not mommy, wife, sister, daughter- just YOU.
  5. As 2017 approaches- dream big. Write down a goal/dream that your heart desires for just you. Keep it in a place you can see it every day and put it out to the universe. Fulfill your desires.
  6. Be a BOSS. Own your desires, dreams, and decisions like a boss- no apologies.
  7. Finally, support the females around you to achieve these steps. Giving is receiving! Find value in your gifts!Love Yourself First

Guess what?! We are all in this boat at times, and sometimes it quite frankly sucks! The more we can acknowledge that we all have a common thread and help each other be the kick ass bosses we are, the more we can live fulfilled as equal females. Here’s to kicking ass as #ladybosses! We love you ladies and we want to help you support you in this amazing journey! Join us on instagram, our handle is: tarareinersboudoir, where we will be pushing those positive affirmations each day! Get your self-love out to the universe and see what it changes for you. We want to hear about it!!! As you follow the steps, let us know in the comments!

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Love Yourself Katryna’s Audacious Boudoir Experience

Hey guys!  So excited to introduce myself to all of you,  I’m Katryna! I’m a 29 year old single mama,  hairstylist,  soon to be student, and all around badass. I’m mildly obsessed with pineapples, penguins, Wonder Woman, and Doctor Who. Maybe a little more than mildly. Ooooh! And tea. I love tea. There’s nothing better than a rainy afternoon, a great book,  and a cup of hot tea.

Anywho. I did my first shoot with Tara last summer after getting out of a horribly abusive relationship, and needing to feel like i was in control of my life, self, and body again.  I was insanely nervous,  knowing that I’m not exactly “model material,” but oh my gosh i had such an AMAZING time!  I loved my pictures so much,  and showed them off to tons of people. Most of the responses were incredibly positive,  which was awesome. The response i got most though,  from all my incredibly beautiful,  unique,  amazing friends,  was,  “I wish i had the confidence to do that.” “Maybe if i lose 20 pounds. ” Wait…what?! Here’s the thing ladies.  Every.  Single.  One.  Of.  Us.  Is.  BEAUTIFUL.  Jiggly bits,  baby weight,  doesn’t matter.  We are incredible, sexual,  desirable,  and damn gorgeous.  Every single one of us.

I was so excited to be chosen as a VIP Ambassador for Tara, because she feels the same way about spreading the love as i do. She knows how to make every woman who comes into her studio feel insanely hot.  It’s pretty awesome.  I have loved every experience I’ve had with her, and I’m so excited to work with her for the next year,  and to show women of EVERY SIZE that you don’t have to be “perfect” to be beautiful and sexy,  and to absolutely own every ounce of your inner badass goddess!

Curvy Boudoir Photos in MontanaCurvy Boudoir Experience Billings Montana

Curvy Intimate Photography in our Boudoir Studio

Curvy Intimate Photography in our Boudoir Studio

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Meet Maureen VIP Ambassador with Intimate Boudoir Photos in Montana

I’m still beaming from my boudoir experience with Tara Reiners and it’s been over a week. I honestly was not sure what to expect or how it would go? It was better than I could have ever imagined and an absolutely wonderful experience. The mood was relaxed and laid back. I left feeling beautiful and confident about myself. It gave me new found appreciation for myself. Being happy with myself in all my beauty, flaws, and accomplishments has always been a struggle for me. I’m finally starting to appreciate the things that make me whom I am and learning to accept myself.   By doing this boudoir VIP ambassador experience it will help me down this path of self-discovery.

Before I get too carried away my name is Maureen but I go by Mo. I was born and raised here in Billings, MT. I’ve been told many times “I’m a city girl”. I have always been inspired by the bright, dancing lights and the fashion from the city. Traveling has allowed me to indulge and experience new cultures and meet diverse people in places like New York City, Paris, and Tokyo. I’m so grateful for that and would never trade anything for those experiences. Even a Chanel handbag or Louboutin shoes! The week of the shoot I was so nervous and worried about how it would turn out. Definitely the fear of the unknown was playing with my emotions. At the same time, I was also excited and giddy. It was a mix of emotions leading up to the shoot. I arrived to the shoot with my curls blazing and armed full of outfits and shoes. I was taken back to get beautified by the lovely and talented Kendra for makeup and hair. I felt like a Kardashian as I sat in the chair getting primped and prepped for the shot. Brittany also came to my rescue to fix my smudged thumbs nails from my manicure and pedicure. She was such a sweetheart. I just kept thinking to myself how lucky am I! It was above and beyond anything I expected. What I enjoyed about the service Kendra and Brittany provided was how professional and personable. It was a great way to start; I was feeling more confident already and just kept thinking to myself how lucky I am!

I started the shoot in my fringe outfit listening to some Bob Marley. It was one of my favorite outfits I picked for the shoot. There is something about fringe and thigh high boots that I just love. Tara got me warmed up with a couple of test shoots. She gave wonderful direction for each pose with attention to every detail. I was really impressed by her passion for photography. She was so professional, personable, and non-judgmental. I felt less and less nervous with each pose, and more comfortable in skin with each click of the shutter. I felt by the time we ended the first outfit it was the beginning. I was ready for outfit number two, an all-black two-piece outfit with body chain jewelry. The poses were playful and seductive. I never knew how much work there was to modeling! It was incredible to see Tara work her craft like an artist to a canvas. I was a little bit apprehensive about my black one piece and robe as my last outfit in the beginning but definitely ready for it by the end of the shoot. I was relaxed and having fun. Words cannot describe the happiness or confidence I felt after finishing my shoot! It was an empowering experience, and one that I hope every woman gets to experience.

Maureen Intimate Photos Montana

Maureens boudoir photos in MontanaBoudoir photos in Billings Montana

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