Billings Boudoir VIP Ambassadors Announced

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We are so excited to announce the amazing women selected for our VIP Ambassador Program at Tara Reiners Boudoir in Billings, Montana. We were so blessed to have so many amazing women apply! To say that narrowing it down to three was difficult, is an understatement. Their stories were so empowering and I can’t wait for our new VIP Ambassadors to share those amazing stories with you. With it being so difficult, we decided to add one additional lady to our VIP lineup! If we could have chosen every applicant, I absolutely would have. If you were not selected at this time, do not be disheartened! We may add additional ambassadors in the future if time allows as well as the opportunity to apply each year.

If you missed what the VIP Ambassador program at Tara Reiners, Boudoir is all about, our Ambassadors receive free shoots at our studio and become the face of our Audaciously Feminine brand by sharing their images and experiences. We have so many amazing ideas up our sleeves that these wonderful women will be the first to share. Be sure to follow their Instagram and Facebook pages as they are announced.


Katryna Erb

Maureen Wilburn

Kimberly Wynia

Ashley Bell

We will be sending you ladies more information and scheduling your first boudoir shoots soon! Can’t wait to see your gorgeous faces!

Billings Boudoir Photos


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