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Hey guys!  So excited to introduce myself to all of you,  I’m Katryna! I’m a 29 year old single mama,  hairstylist,  soon to be student, and all around badass. I’m mildly obsessed with pineapples, penguins, Wonder Woman, and Doctor Who. Maybe a little more than mildly. Ooooh! And tea. I love tea. There’s nothing better than a rainy afternoon, a great book,  and a cup of hot tea.

Anywho. I did my first shoot with Tara last summer after getting out of a horribly abusive relationship, and needing to feel like i was in control of my life, self, and body again.  I was insanely nervous,  knowing that I’m not exactly “model material,” but oh my gosh i had such an AMAZING time!  I loved my pictures so much,  and showed them off to tons of people. Most of the responses were incredibly positive,  which was awesome. The response i got most though,  from all my incredibly beautiful,  unique,  amazing friends,  was,  “I wish i had the confidence to do that.” “Maybe if i lose 20 pounds. ” Wait…what?! Here’s the thing ladies.  Every.  Single.  One.  Of.  Us.  Is.  BEAUTIFUL.  Jiggly bits,  baby weight,  doesn’t matter.  We are incredible, sexual,  desirable,  and damn gorgeous.  Every single one of us.

I was so excited to be chosen as a VIP Ambassador for Tara, because she feels the same way about spreading the love as i do. She knows how to make every woman who comes into her studio feel insanely hot.  It’s pretty awesome.  I have loved every experience I’ve had with her, and I’m so excited to work with her for the next year,  and to show women of EVERY SIZE that you don’t have to be “perfect” to be beautiful and sexy,  and to absolutely own every ounce of your inner badass goddess!

Curvy Boudoir Photos in MontanaCurvy Boudoir Experience Billings Montana

Curvy Intimate Photography in our Boudoir Studio

Curvy Intimate Photography in our Boudoir Studio

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