Meet Maureen VIP Ambassador with Intimate Boudoir Photos in Montana

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I’m still beaming from my boudoir experience with Tara Reiners and it’s been over a week. I honestly was not sure what to expect or how it would go? It was better than I could have ever imagined and an absolutely wonderful experience. The mood was relaxed and laid back. I left feeling beautiful and confident about myself. It gave me new found appreciation for myself. Being happy with myself in all my beauty, flaws, and accomplishments has always been a struggle for me. I’m finally starting to appreciate the things that make me whom I am and learning to accept myself.   By doing this boudoir VIP ambassador experience it will help me down this path of self-discovery.

Before I get too carried away my name is Maureen but I go by Mo. I was born and raised here in Billings, MT. I’ve been told many times “I’m a city girl”. I have always been inspired by the bright, dancing lights and the fashion from the city. Traveling has allowed me to indulge and experience new cultures and meet diverse people in places like New York City, Paris, and Tokyo. I’m so grateful for that and would never trade anything for those experiences. Even a Chanel handbag or Louboutin shoes! The week of the shoot I was so nervous and worried about how it would turn out. Definitely the fear of the unknown was playing with my emotions. At the same time, I was also excited and giddy. It was a mix of emotions leading up to the shoot. I arrived to the shoot with my curls blazing and armed full of outfits and shoes. I was taken back to get beautified by the lovely and talented Kendra for makeup and hair. I felt like a Kardashian as I sat in the chair getting primped and prepped for the shot. Brittany also came to my rescue to fix my smudged thumbs nails from my manicure and pedicure. She was such a sweetheart. I just kept thinking to myself how lucky am I! It was above and beyond anything I expected. What I enjoyed about the service Kendra and Brittany provided was how professional and personable. It was a great way to start; I was feeling more confident already and just kept thinking to myself how lucky I am!

I started the shoot in my fringe outfit listening to some Bob Marley. It was one of my favorite outfits I picked for the shoot. There is something about fringe and thigh high boots that I just love. Tara got me warmed up with a couple of test shoots. She gave wonderful direction for each pose with attention to every detail. I was really impressed by her passion for photography. She was so professional, personable, and non-judgmental. I felt less and less nervous with each pose, and more comfortable in skin with each click of the shutter. I felt by the time we ended the first outfit it was the beginning. I was ready for outfit number two, an all-black two-piece outfit with body chain jewelry. The poses were playful and seductive. I never knew how much work there was to modeling! It was incredible to see Tara work her craft like an artist to a canvas. I was a little bit apprehensive about my black one piece and robe as my last outfit in the beginning but definitely ready for it by the end of the shoot. I was relaxed and having fun. Words cannot describe the happiness or confidence I felt after finishing my shoot! It was an empowering experience, and one that I hope every woman gets to experience.

Maureen Intimate Photos Montana

Maureens boudoir photos in MontanaBoudoir photos in Billings Montana

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