Extravagant, Tranquil, and Provocative- A Luxury Boudoir Retreat

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Extravagant, Tranquil, and Provocative don’t even begin to describe how amazing this intimate boudoir retreat will be! We have spent countless hours creating a destination event that would be everything you dreamed of and more because we want this to be an unforgettable experience! If all our little teasers have been killing you, let me tell you how hard it has been to keep it all bottled up! You are probably screaming enough already, tell us how amazing this trip will be! So, without further ado, let’s get to the details! We have designed this experience to be all-inclusive. I know how hard as a mom it is to budget for what you don’t know, and we wanted to take that bit out of the equation for you. We also wanted to make luxury affordable for you. Finally, we wanted this trip to be about the individual and the group. There is something amazing that happens when a group of women come together with a similar purpose, let go of their daily stresses, and just laugh! Can you tell I am having a hard time just trying to decided on what to start with?!

Let’s talk about accommodations first. We will be reserving and entire luxury home in San Diego, CA. We have narrowed the homes down to a select three that will allow each attendee their own bed and luxury amenities. I wanted to make sure that the chosen location will provide a setting for boudoir sessions that are not available here. If you watch HGTV and ooh and aah over luxury homes you will be very happy with what we have chosen. The gourmet kitchen will be fully stocked with food for your breakfast and lunch pleasure, and of course adult beverages! Each evening, a private chef will arrive to the house and prepare mouth-watering cuisine using farm to table menus from San Diego’s finest.
And this is just the beginning… We have decided to provide the detailed itinerary below  so you can see for yourself just how amazing this experience is.

Day 1: Travel from Billings to San Diego (Airfare is included- say what?!), arrive to your luxury home destination in the afternoon. Relax, enjoy a drink, and get to know each other while our Private Chef creates something unique just for us! He even cleans the kitchen! (I wish this happened in my house lol).
Day 2: Wine Tour in Temecula, CA. Gorgeous vineyards and local wine- what could be better?! Lunch provided on location. Return to the house in the evening for another sumptuous meal provided by our Private Chef.
Day 3: Shooting schedule provided to all attendees- each attendee will enjoy a 30 minute beach boudoir session at sunrise or sunset and a 60 minutes session in our luxury retreat (Professional Makeup and Hair provided by Kendra)  Feel free to explore San Diego or take in the beaches when you aren’t schedule to shoot! Finish your day with another unique meal provided by our Private Chef.
Day 4: Surfing lessons one half of the day (if desired- feel free to relax or explore if you choose otherwise) and the other half will include indulgent Spa Services. Finish our evening with our final meal from our Private Chef- who I am sure we will want to take home with us at this point!
Day 5: Travel and return to reality with some new friendships and amazing memories!

We truly hope you read this itinerary and get a smile on your face and can envision the purpose that we have for you. This retreat is meant to be so much more than a vacation. Like the services in our studio, we want it to be full of luxury, empowerment, healing, and rejuvenation. When we care for ourselves, it’s amazing how everything else in our lives benefits.
In addition to the all inclusive travel listed above, each retreat attendee will receive a custom swag bag- because travel is more fun with goodies, and a Crystal USB drive featuring 15 images of your choice (at a private reveal session) from your destination sessions (this is being provided complimentary as we have only extended the cost of travel and services to you). You will have the option to upgrade items as you wish at your reveal session.
The retreat will occur October 14 through the 18 of 2017. Why have we planned this trip so far in advance? We want to make this trip affordable for you by breaking it into 15 monthly payment installments of $250 + a $5 processing fee from our merchant (total of $255 each month). Your first payment, which will reserve your seat is due in May and every 30 days thereafter. Automatic monthly installments will occur so all you have to do is sit back and look forward to this amazing experience knowing that your trip is completely paid for before you ever leave. Rooms/beds will be extended to attendees in the order that seats are reserved.

If you have any questions regarding the retreat and/or to book your seat, please contact us at tarareinersboudoir@gmail.com! We look forward to having you be a part of this amazing journey with us! And because a post is never complete without a picture…


Tara Reiners Boudoir Destination Retreat

Tara Reiners Boudoir Destination Retreat

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