We are so excited to announce the amazing women selected for our VIP Ambassador Program at Tara Reiners Boudoir in Billings, Montana. We were so blessed to have so many amazing women apply! To say that narrowing it down to three was difficult, is an understatement. Their stories were so empowering and I can’t wait for […]

Why does Tara Reiners Boudoir need VIP Ambassadors? I have found there are many clients like you, that tell all their friends about their amazing experiences at at our studio.  They send me tons of referrals.  And many times, they come back again and again.  What I want to do is give back to those clients because they really deserve it! What does […]

Did that grab your attention? I hope so! Doing something for yourself seems so…selfish sometimes. As females we are often doing something for someone else, and doing the opposite creates hesitation. I totally get it! As a mom to three kids, a full-time employee to another job, and a parter to my spouse I feel […]

Our winner announcement might be a bit delayed (thank you stomach flu for bombarding our home) but the wait is worth it! Not only are we announcing the winner to our favorite eye pallet, but we are also announcing our Boudoir Black Friday specials. If you are a member of our all-female VIP group you […]

Hey Ladies! We are so excited with the opportunity we have had to serve so many women in our studio this year! It’s been a whirlwind of crazy busyness that has made our hearts very happy! With every end-of-the-year we always evaluate what worked and what didn’t in order to make changes for the coming […]

With the holidays approaching, we thought it was only fitting to let you know about an amazing new program we are now offering to our clients. What’s even better is we are the only one offering it in our area. Many photographers, ourselves included, have offered payment plans, for after your purchase, but not one […]

We had so much fun with Ms. D in our studio! This girl was up for anything and owned everything thrown her way. Her session was booked for her upcoming nuptials and we are so excited that now the wedding is over, we can share her amazing experience with us. You would have never known […]

Is it already that time of year?! I know it sounds crazy to be thinking about Christmas gifts in July, but we wanted to do this a little bit differently this year, and in a way that is budget friendly and allows the opportunity for gift giving  beyond the realm of Christmas. We are setting […]

We believe that boudoir photography isn’t just a photo shoot or something that’s done for someone else. We believe it’s life changing. An opportunity to rediscover yourself, your femininity, empower you, and leave you feeling beautiful. We want every woman to experience this side of them self and to live audaciously. We are offering discounted […]

I have been bursting at the seems with excitement to release our NEW line of portraiture for EVERY woman…that’s YOU! I am the first to raise my hand and admit how intimidating it is to step in front of the camera in your delicates and be photographed, and I also respect that every woman does […]