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This is our first of four series written by our FABULOUS VIP Ambassadors. I can’t wait for you to meet each and every one of them as they bring so much to offer as audacious females. Without further ado, meet Ashley:

I have never written a blog before so first and foremost hello everyone! I am a 24 year old aircraft mechanic, (origionaly from upstate NY) who loves horses, has a slight chocolate and coffee fetish with mint ice cream being my kryptonite. I am a shy quiet person who rarely is the first to talk and I never ever do crazy things… well up until now… Less than a year ago my son of six weeks passed away. I don’t mean to take this down to gloom city, but it is part of my story so bear with. Anyways after his passing I found myself stuck in a rut. I was depressed about my son, my mommy body and just life in general; I no longer had that sparkling go get em attitude. One day though, I woke up, and said enough! I wanted to be happy, confident, beautiful,  and sexy even, and so I made it my mission to do so! I had heard about boudoir from a friend of mine, and the idea had been sitting patiently in the back of my mind for some time now. Finally under the guise of a birthday present (let’s have an honest moment here lol this was all really for me but that just seems selfish soo) I said screw it and booked my very first boudoir experience with Tara… gulp… When I booked my session I did so about 2 months in advance because let’s be real for a moment… me prancing around in my panties with stretch marks was a daunting idea to say the least and probably downright terrifying. I did this thinking that I would have two full months to crack down and hit the gym with vigor… I learned something about myself in this whole process lol I am a hardcore procrastinator. Did I hit the gym … sure I did a week before the shoot in full blown panic mode! Not to worry though when I walked into Tara’s studio it was the weirdest thing like a weight had lifted. There was absolutely no judgment, no titling on my frumpy areas it was in short, amazing. Probably the very first time that has EVER happened to me, and as a career wallflower this was new. So here I was sitting sipping champagne and wondering what kind of freak show I was going to look like after my hair and makeup was done. Adding to the allure there is no mirrors where the hair and makeup gets done so the transformation is a total surprise, and what a transformation! Wow! That’s all I remember thinking, that and who the hell is standing in front of me. From a girl who hardly every wears makeup and almost never does her hair up fancy, is always covered in some sort of engine oil, grease, or unknown gross-ness it was amazing and not even going any further I had accomplished what I wanted to… I looked beautiful! Now down to business. The shoot itself was oddly uneventful, there were not jitters no awkwardness no embarrassment, in short Tara is freaking amazing at making the atmosphere comfortable and normal so it was a walk in the park. I must say though, now I have a newfound respect for models. Some of the poses are hard! After we were through with the shoot I went to get lunch and rifle through the goodie bag I got, which had the most delicious cookie I have ever tasted… though I was starving and hadn’t eaten breakfast or lunch at that time and could, I think, have eaten my shoes! About two hours later or so, I headed back to the studio to pick out the photos I wanted to keep. I was estatic! Who knew I would be able to see unedited photos that shortly after the shoot! I had figured on a week at least. Just goes to show how talented Tara really was! All in all I was beyond pleased with the photos and experience in general. I think i talked the hubbies ear off for a week,and was already making plans to do a shoot again. To reminisce, I have never done anything like this before and would hands down do it again. I came away with such a positive body image and mind that I don’t know why I waited so long to do something like this. Confidence is what I lacked and I gained that and more!

Montana Outdoor Boudoir Photos

We hope you enjoyed meeting Ashley! She made shooting in a cactus-filled area look stunning and easy! If you desire an outdoor shoot, don’t forget to sign up for our Yellowstone Boudoir Retreat taking place at Yellowstone River Lodge and Cabins! Our intro pricing ends soon (which is a steal!). Contact us for details.

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