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With the holidays approaching, we thought it was only fitting to let you know about an amazing new program we are now offering to our clients. What’s even better is we are the only one offering it in our area. Many photographers, ourselves included, have offered payment plans, for after your purchase, but not one that allowed you to contribute to the session and products of your dreams up to a year in advance. Our savings plan was created because we truly want every woman to be able to experience a boudoir session and enjoy an heirloom quality product at the end of it. I receive a lot of inquiries all year long- from brides to anniversaries to holidays and just because…there are many reasons women want to have a shoot in our studio. After their inquiry I will email out the info and sometimes hear that they just can’t afford it 6 weeks before their needed date but had desperately wanted to do a session with us. That’s where our new plan steps in.

We are now able to let your pick your session and product of choice and create a monthly payment plan of up to 12 months. When one payment remains, your session is then booked and revealed session scheduled. At your reveal session you will choose the images for your already purchased product and your order is placed! No waiting several months after your order is placed at your reveal session because your session and collection was paid for in advance. You might be wondering, “What if I want a bigger album than I paid for at my reveal?” No worries, you can still upgrade your order at the reveal, you just can’t minimize it. Payments are deducted directly from your Credit Card of choice each month so no worrying about dropping off or mailing a check, or even fulfilling an invoice. We want to keep this as simple for you, so you can concentrate on finding gorgeous pieces for your session, not fulfilling payment obligations.

We are so blessed to have so many amazing experiences with women in our area and surrounding states, and we look forward to the experiences with you! Use the contact link above or email us at if you have any questions. We look forward to planning your dream session!

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