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Phew! It’s been another week already! Like me you have probably had a week full of challenges- some that may have led to laughter and tears- yes, they can be that good!. I am quickly learning its best to take one issue at a time and put my focus there rather than overload my ADHD brain with keeping track of everything I want to improve- on top of 3 kids, jobs, etc…(which of course my planner is a life-saver for!).

I mentioned priorities last week and really having to determine what had the most importance. Sometimes things just happen to really question where those priorities are. I thought I was doing a pretty good job with blocking out time and putting those priorities in order. Until….my daughter said something that was heartbreaking on Saturday. I had sat down at my computer to start pulling it apart to move down to the new ordering room I had worked on for the most part of the day. She came and sat down next to me and said, “Mommy you break our hearts when you have more fun working than playing with us.” Talk about a come to Jesus moment with my 4-year-old. My daughter perceived that I had more fun working than spending time with her. What she sees is my drive to constantly get things done as fun because it was having a priority over her. I realized that even though I was blocking out every night for them until bedtime- it was taking care of them- it wasn’t spending quality time with them. It wasn’t getting to have fun with them. It wasn’t making the memories that kids look back at and remember with fondness for the rest of their lives. If I died tomorrow, I wouldn’t want my daughter to be left with the memory that I enjoyed working more than playing with her. I believe we get in this horrible wheel of working, taking care of others, making dinner, doing dishes, finishing things for work that didn’t get done in the day, that we forget to live. What am I really teaching my kids right now? That work is more important than relationships and every day living. So, tonight I took them to dinner, just us. I played board games and read books. I spent their waking moments with them. The best part- no fits, no working hard to get my attention because they already had it.

I encourage women to be honestly audacious- bold in living their lives as a female. To step outside their comfort zone. Clearly I have fallen short- I got stuck in a comfortable place of just managing what I could and not living. My challenge to you this week is to be audacious in your life. Live it boldly and fulfill it. Make a bucket list. Yes we shared our goals for this year, but what about your life goals? When your kids are grown and gone what do want your life to have taught them? I will be sharing mine next week, and get ready to go a bit further with it! I want you to leave your bucket list as a blog comment below- it doesn’t matter how long it is- goodness knows mine will be LONG.

Hint hint- your bucket list will include access to a workshop at Better to Gather! Woop woop! If you haven’t invited your friends to follow the blog yet- get those ladies over here. The bucket list activity is the perfect time to get your girlfriends together and have fun while inspiring each other! We will update the blog with the event soon, and it will also be created as an event on our Facebook page!

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  1. Cathy G says:

    This was a good exercise that i have always wanted to get on paper! I spent the last several days jotting them down as I thought of things I wanted to do. Here they are…Ice skate in Central Park, take the honeymoon we never had, travel to all 50 states with Kyle, take a cake decorating class, use a passport, visit Paris, pay for a young couples cart full of groceries, have boudoir photos taken, take the Fall foilege tour back east, visit San Fransisco, have a home built, go dog sledding, visit Chico, take the kids to Disney World, see a broadway show, buy a vintage camper, buy a 55 Chevy, travel to Glacier, write a book, take the girls to see the ocean, go to a Broncos Super Bowl game, manage staff, and see my girls get married.


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