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So excited to be checking in with you ladies this week to share my successes, short comings, and more importantly, what I learned about myself over the last 7 days. I was so excited last Sunday to get the party started on meeting my goals! I did what I thought would help set myself up for success with a workout program I was jacked about, a journal to track eating, water intake, and exercise, and what I thought was a great plan to get editing done at a normal pace so that I was spending more time with my kids and less time in front of the computer. So you might be wondering, “How did that work for ya?” I am here to be completely honest, it just didn’t work as well as I thought it would. I did work out last Sunday and I felt great afterward- what was even better, was that my toddlers loved doing it with me to to the best of their ability. Meals through out the first half of the week were pretty good, but by Wednesday I started feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Why? Because I had stayed up until midnight Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday editing. Now, this is not a pity party. This is a blog that just puts all my struggles out there with ya, because I know how hard it is for you, and it is way to help me be accountable and improve. With all those shortcomings, I had some good things too, I did improve my water intake, which is a biggy for me. I strongly dislike drinking water. After Wednesday, I took a night off and just enjoyed my kids with 100% focus on them. I have also continued to put things in place in my business so that the vicous cycle stops and I get more time back.

With successes and failures comes learning, and I learned a lot this week. I learned that I just wasn’t prepared enough, and preparation takes effort and time. Therefore, meals are going to be planned at least 2 weeks in advance on a calendar. My kids are in their fair share of activities so the good ‘ol slower cooker is likely to be used a lot in the coming weeks. The same goes for lunches- I need to stop working and prepare my meals. I also need to stop working until my kids have gone down for the night so they receive my full attention during their waking hours. Workouts will now be scheduled. I can’t be the best me for everyone else, if I am not the best me for me. Wow! That’s a lot of planning and time just to be efficient, but I believe the payoff for me and my family is going to be amazing. Finally, a goal I should have had over the next 12 weeks was to give my husband the time he deserves as well…I constantly have so much going on that in the process my relationship gets put on the side burner, and that’s not healthy for my family either. That means that multiple times a week after the kids get to bed, I am not working but spending at least 30 minutes with my husband having quality time together. Phew! Thank goodness I bought my favorite “Sugar Paper” planner for 2015. I really had to determine where my priorities were, where they needed to be, and then schedule them accordingly so there are no excuses.

Now that I put out what went well this week and what I needed to work on, we want to hear from you! How did your week go? What could you do to meet your goals better?

PS: Since I started to focus on making my relationship with my spouse better, we want to make sure you get the quality time you deserve too! We will be giving away 2 tickets to “50 Shades of Grey” that opens on Valentine’s Day! Want to win? Be sure to enter below!

See you at next weeks check-in!

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  1. Chelsey says:

    My first goal was to eat more fruits and veggies; I have ate more veggies in the last week than I probably have in the last 2 months! Pregnancy has it’s benefits, and I’ve been craving huge salads that are packed with veggies. The craving came at a perfect time! 😉 My second goal was to not yell(raise my voice) at my child. I think that I’m off to an ok start. He’s a three year old boy, and I’m 8 months pregnant. I’ve definitely raised my voice a few times, but would like to keep improving on this one. Working out has NOT happened at all this last week. I can say I’ve been sick, tired, and busy; but those are all just excuses. Putting my phone down has been the biggest struggle. I plan to write a reminder on my bathroom mirror tonight before I go to bed.
    I’m excited to see where everyone else is at, and to continue improving on these tough goals!

  2. ive followed you and been a fan for so long- and I know if we met in person, we’d be besties 🙂 you have so much of what my heart feels and have a beautiful way of saying it. Keep doing what you’re doing bc it’s amazing! Xoxo

  3. Barbars says:

    So far my goals are going okay.. I’ve been a little easier on myself, the whole working out thing, well that hasn’t happen.. but it will.. 🙂

  4. Cathy G says:

    I picked realistic self improvement goals this year. I got a FitBit for Christmas so tracking steps seemed realistic. I have a desk job and know that I need to move more. I wanted 10,000 a day, but have averaged around 7,000 instead. This week I will vow to bump it up! I also wanted to drink more water…I’m not a good water drinker, but a great diet coke drinker. I got a fancy new waterbottle and it has helped, but I still have work to do. Lastly for this week, I ordered a book called You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero. I struggle with some favoritism in our extended family and have tried desperately to understand it all. This year, I’m releasing it and just moving froward, without as much time and effort for thoes people instead of trying to get their attention. I pray this book will give me that strength. Have a great week!!

  5. AmandaS says:

    The only goal I did better at this week was drinking more water. The others need some work 🙂 trying to add in more veggies this week!

  6. Lea Ann Yucha says:

    I would like to join your session. Never did anything like this but Cathy Grider recommended I join. I think you are in week two, what would I need to do to catch up! Thank you!


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