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So many of us wear SO many hats…mother, full-time employee, wife, house keeper, chauffer….I could go on and on. I, myself, am no different. For me, 2014 was exhausting. I work full-time; run a business (which I love), take care of 3 kids, and so much more. I believe that being vulnerable make us better- we learn what makes us unhappy and strive to improve. With that said I am going to put my garbage on the table, and I hope you do too.
After having two little ones with 2 ½ years apart, and a thyroid that tanked, I have gained 40 pounds. For me, this has been very difficult. I used to be a personal trainer, participated in weight lifting competitions, and was a size 4. Now I am going to be honest, it wasn’t just those 2 things that resulted in 40 pds, it was also not eating right and sitting in front of the computer editing for endless hours burning minimal calories. Many of you may be thinking “What the hell Tara, you tell women size doesn’t matter” and it doesn’t unless your size is affecting your ability to be happy, and for me it is. Additionally, being overweight and not eating well makes me very tired- and with 2 little ones and those 50 other hats we all wear, there isn’t any room to be tired. I want the same things for myself as I want for every woman that comes to see us: to be audacious, to own their beauty, to be comfortable in their skin, and to be empowered. Those feeling equate to happiness and wellness. (You will notice below that my goals are not weight-based, but will make me a healthier, happier person).
With that said, I am putting my goals out there for all of you to read, and I will be posting a blog on how and what I did each week to achieve my goals because I want you to know you aren’t alone in whatever your goals are this year, and that there are many other women out there doing the same thing. This wouldn’t be fun unless I added an amazing kick-ass opportunity would it?
So here’s how this works: Subscribe to our blog and visit it each Sunday. On today’s blog, leave a comment on what your goals are in achieving wellness. On the subsequent blogs, leave a weekly check-in below that week’s blog with how you are doing in achieving your goals. This in no way shape or form is a weight-based blog! I can’t emphasize enough! We want women to be happy and there are many things that affect us feeling unhappy and unwell- pick whatever that is that you need to change to be HAPPY and WELL woman. In 12 weeks, at our final check-in together, a winner will be chosen who will receive a full boudoir or glamour experience (winner’s choice) with digital images on our black label crystal drive.
Without further ado here are my goals:
1. To work out 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes.
2. To eat in a way that sets a good example for my children and makes me energy driven.
3. To drink more water! ( I live off coffee and that is going to be dramatically reduced)
4. To take steps that gives me more work/life balance.


Before you comment below and take this journey with me, take a minute to really think about the things in your life that take away from the feelings of being audacious, beautiful, confident, empowered, fulfilled, and happy. It could be finances, to busy, tired, etc…define your goals and what you can do to change them and then come back here to share your goals and your plan to achieve them. I cannot wait to share this experience with you!

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  1. Katryna says:

    This is so awesome!

    1. Definitely drink more water and stop drinking soda!
    2. Take more time for myself (as a single mom with 3 jobs, that doesn’t happen much)
    3. Make better choices in what goes into my body and how active i am being!

  2. Sandy says:

    1.) expand my cooking ability by making at least 1 new recipe a week
    2.) more water, less iced mochas
    3.) at least 3 days weight training and 1 day cardio

  3. Chelsey says:

    1. Eat less junk food, more fruits and veggies.
    2. Try harder to not yell at my child.
    3. Work out before and especially after baby comes(Feb).
    4. Spend less time on my iPad/phone.

  4. Cathy G says:

    1) Less time for for those who bring me down and more for those who bring out the best in me.
    2) 10,000 steps and roughly 60oz of water a day.
    3) set down the phone, burn the to do list and let go of perfection to grasp what really matters. {Hands Free Mama}.
    4). Declutter the house for simple living.

  5. What a great idea, Tara!
    1. I have been exercising 5 days a week for the past couple of months, so I’d like to keep on track with that, but also amp up my exercises.
    2. No more pop
    3. I’m stealing this one…put my phone down and be more present with my family.
    4. Eat out less

  6. Barbara says:

    1, Stop thinking negatively about myself
    2, try to say 3 things good about myself in the morning or throughout the day in the mirror..
    3, walk my dog more, so I can get out and walk also..
    4, clean less and play more with my kids!
    5, Don’t give up!

  7. Amanda S says:

    What a great idea! My goals are:
    1. Only eat out once/week (good for the budget and the scale!)
    2. Drink a minimum of 60oz of water a day
    3. Eat veggies EVERY day

  8. I know I’m coming in to this late, so I’ll be behind in check ins but my goals:

    1) workout at least 5 days a week for at least 20 minutes
    2) reduce my coffee creamer/sugar intake
    3) meal prep so on those days I am really tired, I still have something fairly healthy to pull out of the freezer vs. spending money on junk
    4) Take my dog out jogging/playing in the park more – he doesn’t get exercise if I don’t and that’s not fair to him.
    5) increase water intake to my necessary 65oz per day.

  9. Lisa Schoer says:

    1) Get back in shape to be able to fit into my wedding dress and to feel better in my own skin.
    2) Build up my friendships as and become a better friend. Like more coffee and lunch dates with the girls.
    3) Get back into my photography and work to be better at it.
    4) Go on more dates with my Fiancé


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