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Well I had wanted to wait until after the rennovation of the new studio was complete and show off that awesomesauce….but I am one of those people that can hardly stand to wait until Xmas morning to open their presents. In fact I have secretly located them without my husband knowing a few times. So without further ado, let me explain how this announcement is going to be life changing for one women and pretty kick ass for three of them!

Tara Reiners Luxury Boudoir Studio is in search of one woman to be the face of our studio! Maybe that sounded really exciting to me, but you need to hear the perks to reach my level of excitment ; )

The spokesmodel will receive at least three photo shoots during her term (1 year).

  • Bragging rights! That’s right- you will be the face of my brand!
  • Beautiful Portraits to share online.
  • One of our fabulous albums with your top 20 images at the end of your term.

Sounds pretty kick ass doesn’t it? Each shoot will have all the perks of a typical shoot- professional hair and makeup, champagne, etc. My team and I pride ourselves in creating an experience that leaves you feeling like you can conquer the world and be damn sexy while you are doing it!

Are you who we are looking for?

  • We are looking for an everyday woman, no modeling looks or skills needed. Are you in your 30’s or 40’s and run a family and/or business- fabulous!
  • Enthusiastic about what we provide and our vendors that help us deliver.
  • Flexible as we will be shooting many times throughout the year.
  • A community member in Billings, MT.
  • A willingness to blog about your experiences.
  • Comfortable in posing in lingerie, implied nudes, and artistic nudes. A signed model release will be required.
  • An inspiration to me and my team.

Ready to apply?
You must send in an essay explaining why you would by our ideal spokesmodel. Essays can be emailed to
My team and I will narrow it down to 3 candidates. These three amazing women will all be invited in for a test shoot in our new studio. Each woman will have their essay and a photo from the test shoot posted for voting and the contest will be underway! The women with the most votes will win!


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