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We have put so much love, effort, and time into creating an unforgettable experience for this International Boudoir Destination, and it will not disappoint. As usual, we want to offer a custom experience for all of our clients, and so we have have a few different options below. If it gets confusing, don’t hesitate to tell me to explain the details a bit better. We have also created an affordable payment plan to make this once-in-a-lifetime trip doable! Want to bring your partner? We have an option for that too! Keep reading to hear all the details!!!


Our experience begins in Paris on Sunday, June 2, 2019. We will spend 6 days in Paris staying at the amazing and historic Chateau de Poigny (you can check it out on Facebook here). Each guest/couple will be able to enjoy their own room while enjoying our private Chef creating our evening meals. During the day, we will train into Paris to see the plethora of Paris’ tourist and historic sights with your included pass. Paris would not be complete without a visit to the Eiffel Tower. Our group reservation will take us to the top of the tower to an included visit at the Champagne Bar while we take in the sights of Paris as far as the eye can see. Once concluded, we will head back down to the first floor for a welcome glass of champagne at the Eiffel Tower’s Restaurant 58 where we will enjoy Dinner and the evening sites before returning to our Chateau. While embracing the fashion forward and romantic airs of Paris, your customized boudoir shoot will take place in a room that looks out toward the Eiffel Tower. Onsite professional Makeup and Hair is included. Every woman who joins us on this experience will receive an in-person consultation before the trip in which we narrow down your look and determine the pieces which will best suit your body type and vision as well as access to our Destination Boudoir Group.

PART 2: Ireland

Saturday, June 8th, 2019 we will depart our Chateau and take a picturesque train ride to London. While in London we will take a Double Decker Bus Tour (Hello, It’s London! YAS!) seeing Westminster, Big Ben, and many other notorious locations. No visit to London will be complete without an evening meal at a London Pub before we return to our private rooms at a local hotel for a good snooze. On Sunday, June 9th, we head to the airport to fly to Galway, Ireland! My homeland! I am so excited to take in what my family and ancestors experienced in this gorgeous country. Once arriving in Galway, we will be renting vans to head to our Castle Estate abode. Our accommodations are stunning in the Irish countryside. Our Ireland Destination sessions will occur on the breathtaking Cliffs of Moher with Onsite Professional Makeup and Hair. Breakfast and Lunch will be available in our private kitchen. In the evenings you can choose to venture in or venture out to Galway! Our stay together will end after 4 amazing evenings on the morning of June 13th.

If you are counting and joining us for both trips, that is 11 FULL days experiencing 3 countries and 2 Custom Destination Boudoir Experiences. For clients who join us for both experiences, they will receive 20 included images ($2000 Value), and their choice of a custom 8×8 Luxury Album featuring a custom design of your breathtaking images OR 20×30 Metallic Wall Art (your choice), a $1000 Value.



What’s Included in Paris: 6 Nights at the Chateau with dinner served by our Private Chef, MAPPS Pass with access to more than 50 museums and monuments, Eiffel Tower Lift to the Top, Glass of Champagne from Eiffel Tower Champagne Bar, Dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant, and a customized session with a picturesque view of the Eiffel Tower in view, 20 Digital Images. Ticket to London from Paris if applicable. Onsite professional Makeup and Hair.

What’s Included in London and Ireland: A full day of Double Decker Bus Tours. Dinner at a London Pub and your private hotel room. Plane ticket to Galway from Ireland. Transportation from Galway to our Castle Abode. Four nights in Ireland with access to a full kitchen for breakfast and lunch. Your customized boudoir experience on the Cliffs of Moher. If both experiences are booked together, your choice of a 10×10 album or 20×30 Metal Wall Art (The 20 images may be assigned however you wish between both experiences) will be gifted. You will have the opportunity to upgrade album size, and number of images at your private reveal session. Onsite professional Makeup and Hair is also included..

Only wanting to join us for Ireland or Paris? No worries, the plan stays the same, and 20 digital images will be included in your experience. Make sure you select the appropriate payment plan.

What about airfare to and from? Airfare is not included fas we have women from all over the US that enjoy shoots with us. We want you to be able to arrive at your convenience from wherever you live and leave at your convenience. We highly recommend you sign for Scott’s Flights which you can check out HERE. You can grab up roundtrip airfare for as little as $500 and he does the work for you. This gives you the flexibility to come in earlier or later if you would life some extra exploring time on your own.

What if I want to add more images now and spread it out on my payment plan?
That’s smart and we can do that! For this trip we offering and a complimentary upgrade to add an album or upgrade to a 10×10 album ($500 Value) if a 10 image collection is added at the time of first monthly payment.

What happens if I can’t make it? Payments are transferable to another person up until 90 days prior to the trip (you can sell your seat if you wish), but are non-refundable. We have amazing opportunities to secure these experiences at a lower cost due to reservations and payments being made immediately after release of this blog! We are so lucky for other’s flexibility!

Can my partner join me? Absolutely! We have added an option just for them. Be sure to add both your seat and theirs when checking out! (this is based on double occupancy as the hotel pricing is built into the main attendees price. Please contact me directly if interested in a third person attending)

How many people seats are available? We are only allowing 6 amazing and audacious women (and their partners if you so choose) on this trip. I want to ensure I can give my all to each shoot and be present in this experience with you.

More questions? Email us at: or use the contact link above!

Where do I sign up for this amazingness? Keep scrolling to view our payment plan options below.


To reserve your seat on this ah-mazing adventure (regardless of one or both trips)! A $400 deposit is due. Click here to make your deposit and secure your seat.

Interest Free Monthly payments are available and will be automatically processed via our online processing with the card information you provide on the 1st or 15th of every month. This applies to both individuals and their partners (if you choose to have one join you). The monthly payment totally depends on which trip you choose and how many months are left before the trip. Please contact me directly to determine a payment plan that works for you.


Paris, London, and Ireland: The ultimate experience.  Is a total of $7000.00 for the main female attending, Add a partner for $1700. You are able to add 10 images with a complimentary upgrade for only $1000.00.

Paris: A total of $5500 for the main female attending, Add a Partner for $1000, and add those 10 images with a complimentary upgrade for only another $1000.

London and Ireland: A total of $4500 for the main female attending, Add a Partner for $1000 a month, and add those 10 images with a complimentary upgrade for only another $1000.




Got questions? Email us at OR use the contact link above! We can’t wait to get International with you!



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