About the Artist



Photograph artistst | Educator | Blogger | Wanderer

Tara Reiners has been specializing in empowering women through intimate Boudoir Portraiture for the last 5 years in Billings, MT. Over the last year, she began fulfilling her wanderlust by providing destination boudoir experiences throughout the United States and has recently began implementing a studio in the Phoenix area. In addition to loving all things bold and fearless, she enjoys caring for her three children and providing education to photographers throughout the world. When she isn't working or spending time with her children, you can find her taking a quiet moment with her nose in a book and something shiny in her hand. 

The House Mission

We believe that every woman is more than the labels given to them: mom, wife, partner, friend, coworker, etc... Beneath all of those labels is YOU. It's easy to lose who we are as we go through life making sure everyone is taken care of. We know that participating in a boudoir experience is more than a shoot- it's a life changing event and an opportunity to reconnect with yourself. We know that you will walk away feeling empowered and find a new appreciation for who you are at this moment. 

We can't wait to get intimate with you!